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The Two Worlds-Intro
To Michael Cambridge, life was as it always was. A world ruled by science and fact; a world where if something could not be proven by science, it was considered false and cast aside. This is why Michael enjoyed researching the topics others scoffed at; tales of mortals and gods fighting demons and other such things that exist to harm mankind, great winged beasts doing battle with bold knights adorned in magical armor, ghosts that go on to "live" in their former homes, aliens that steal people in the night, it didn't matter what he looked at as long as it was as far from reality as possible. To him, life was too real for him. That is why he enjoyed mythology. That is why he spent hours upon hours reading Dean Koontz novels and playing video games; he needed to escape reality. To him, life in the real world was like being locked in a maximum-security prison without any hope of parole. This truth was something few of his friends and relatives knew, however, because he appeared to embrace
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A Story for BAClash
Tanukiyasha had gotten used to the stranger living in the basement of his house. Simon spent almost all of his time in the basement, trying to fix his only means of escape from Tanukiyasha's world. When he did show himself normally it was because he was hungry, or he wanted to take a shower. Today, however, was different. Tanukiyasha was sitting at the kitchen table nursing a cup of coffee trying to cope with the mother of all headaches while trying to figure out what had happened last night. When he saw the green hedgehog leap out of the door to the basement shouting "Hit the deck," Tanuki followed suit. He then heard what sounded like a muffled explosion. The house shook a little and some smoke came from the basement door.
"Should I even ask?"
"I was trying to recreate the fuel source for the ship. Since I don't want the government acting questions about me buying plutonium, I decided to make some."
"Are you crazy?! You can't make plutonium!"
"My motto is 'You don't know until you tr
:iconj-foxfire:J-Foxfire 1 15
Mature content
The Story of Lo part 4 :iconj-foxfire:J-Foxfire 0 0
The Story of Lo part 3
He did not know how long he was in that frozen tomb in space, nor did he know who it was who rescued him. To the untrained eye, he seemed dead. This was false. While his body was lifeless, he still felt everyone around him. He reached out with his mind and overheard a conversation between two individuals.
"How is our guest?" said the older of the two.
"He is recuperating. I don't understand how he was still alive when we found him. By all means he should be dead."
"If he ever wakes up, perhaps he can tell you why he is alive, Mr. Gale. I am more worried about the brain scans of this individual. His brain is stimulated as if he was still conscious. I have no idea who he is and none of the databases at my disposal have his description on file. He has many questions to answer."
"What about the helmet he is wearing?"
"It's like nothing I have ever seen before. I wish I could study it."
"Then what's keeping you from taking it off his head and doing so?"
"First off, it's not nice to take thi
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Mature content
The Story of Lo part 2 :iconj-foxfire:J-Foxfire 0 0
John Foxfire meets Psycho
It was a hard move from Dimentia to Modoon. Dimentia had been John's home. All that was left now are a whole lot of dead memories. He went to the small cabin where he was raised, or at least what was left of it. The logs that the house was made of were rotted. With a simple push the door fell into the darkness. He didn't find too many things of value: vials of healing balms and ointments that his mother probably made, her staff, a rusted battle axe his father once wielded. The most important item that was found was The Chronicles of Foxfire, a magical book that recorded the stories of every member of the Foxfire clan who died protecting the Riftstone. John also explored Shar Kal's former castle. In the dungeons Maniac found Shar's laboratory. It was filled with books dealing with all kinds of topics from demonology to necromancy. He didn't want to take them, but it wasn't like Shar would object.
Transporting the books was the easy part; a quick flick of the wrist causes the Riftstone t
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A Fantasy
Is the only love I will ever know
To be only in a story filled with adventure
While many go out in search of companionship
In lands filled with magic, swords, and guns
I write of adventure and exotic locales
Of honorable men and clashing steel
Of evil creatures and those sent to defeat them
I write of the path of the heart and its twists and turns
I see myself following the heroes
Questing for the missing piece of myself
I cannot follow
I believe she will cross my path
In the land of the real
I don't want the figures
Whose stories I chronicle
Experience the one thing I desire above
Strength, money, and fame
To know what true love feels like
Before I do
:iconj-foxfire:J-Foxfire 0 1
Untitled Poem
I would give her my heart, my soul.
I would worship the ground she walks on,
As well as the feet that do the walking.
I would give her all the treasures
Hidden in the sea.
I would learn how to make sonnets
So astonishing that would make
Shakespeare himself hang his head in shame.
I would steal Van Gough's and Picasso's for her.
I would go to the gym and mold my body
Into any form that will please her eye.
I would give her every cliché she could ask for.
…but all she wants is for us to be friends, or worse,
To her I don't exist.
:iconj-foxfire:J-Foxfire 0 2
The Story of Lo
Mr. Grisham didn't know why he was following the directions given to him by the man who called him an hour ago. The stranger on the other end said nothing except that he had a story that Grisham might be interested to hear followed by an address at which they would meet. He knew that it sounded ridiculous, but then again recounting the ridiculous for the masses was his job. He was a reporter for the magazine The Weird News, which was worse than any of the many tabloids on sale at supermarkets around the world. He didn't believe the crap he was forced to put down on paper, but as long as other people were more than willing to buy the damn thing, he would have to grin and bear it as he wrote articles like 'Santa Claus and Saint Elvis Battle Satan and the Loch Ness Monster on the Moon'.
He didn't think he would end up writing trash for a lowbrow magazine. For a time, he wanted to become a serious reporter for a big newspaper somewhere. He had a girlfriend who loved him for who he was, he
:iconj-foxfire:J-Foxfire 0 0
The Ponderings of Guido
Warrior, pizza deliver, and self proclaimed Kitty Casanova Guido Anchovis was sitting on the edge of a pier looking out that the horizon and wondered about everything that has happened. Good B. Bird (he made "Bad" his middle name) has finally gotten the chance to go away on a honeymoon when Francine gave them the money need to go on a five day cruse to the Bahamas. Usually, Francine would never let any of her employees go on a vacation of any sort, let alone pay for it with her own money but blackmail was involved.
New Years Eve 1999. While everyone was partying and welcoming the New Year, Francine was scared to death. The Y2K virus panic had struck her. She spent that night in the Pizza Palace's basement pointing an AK-47 at the door surrounded by bags of money and a years worth of pepperoni while chanting prayers and weeping softly. It was amusing to say the least. Francine had forgotten to delete the security tapes that recorded the event and Polly had threatened to put it on the in
:iconj-foxfire:J-Foxfire 1 7
John Foxfire's Origin's
You may not know of me, but by the time I'm done talking to you, you will. My name's John Foxfire, but my friend's call me Maniac. I am a dimensional hopping, sword wielding, and gun toting hedgehog.
I am the youngest son of Robert Foxfire and Carolyn Frost (God rest their souls) and I am the spitting image of the one who began the Foxfire bloodline, Amelia Foxfire. I guess my life of fighting began when I was six years old. The Foxfire clan is in charge of protecting a relic known as the Riftstone, an emerald green, round, smooth stone attached to a gold disc with the ability to create an opening to another dimension. Amelia was told by the one who gave her the stone that as long as the Foxfire clan existed, my family would be the only ones who could use the Riftstone's abilities; however she was warned that others would want to use the stone for less than noble endeavors and that they would find a way to go around the powerful magic that bound my family to the stone.
Well, this evil
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John Foxfire by J-Foxfire John Foxfire :iconj-foxfire:J-Foxfire 1 3 Psyborg Fifteen by J-Foxfire Psyborg Fifteen :iconj-foxfire:J-Foxfire 0 0 Psycho's Dragon Form by J-Foxfire Psycho's Dragon Form :iconj-foxfire:J-Foxfire 0 0 Another Psycho by J-Foxfire Another Psycho :iconj-foxfire:J-Foxfire 0 0 Psycho's Origional Look by J-Foxfire Psycho's Origional Look :iconj-foxfire:J-Foxfire 1 1

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United States
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Favourite genre of music: Classic Rock perfered, but will listen to anything within reason.
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Favourite cartoon character: Roger Smith (Big O) Washu (Tenchi Universe) Sam & Max (Sam & Max: Freelance Police)
Personal Quote: All's Well That Ends Well, Act 1, scene 1 Lines 54-63. I try to go by her words.
Ponies. Specifically the ponies of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. They are great. I've seen the shows and I'm on a pony binge. I like pony art and fanfiction. I often find myself on Equestria Daily. I cannot escape the ponies. They are in my head filling it with happy thoughts. I've been playing Fallout: New Vegas but I cannot get them off my mind.

Stay away from ponies lest you have them consume you like the mares of Diomedies.
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